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Hot celebrity Radhika Apte reveals her stand on the #MeToo movement.

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With the #MeToo campaign rampant in the nation, a huge shout out is given to all the alleged tormentors by the sexually harrassed victims. Hot celebrity Radhika Apte extends her full support towards all the survivors. Read here to know the details.

Radhika Apte – The brand ambassador of Daniel Wellington Watches.

Radhika Apte, the hot celebrity who is also the brand ambassador of Daniel Welligton watches interacted with the media during the new collection launch of the brand. When asked about the #MeToo campaign she wished that the film Industry would come up with an equal and genderless system to deal with any kind of harrassment case coming up without any bias.

Radhika Apte won’t disassociate herself with the Kwan Entertainment.

The founder of the Kwan Entertainment, one of the biggest celebrity management agency in India has been sacked after four anonymous aspiring actresses accused him of seeking sexual favour. When asked whether she would disassociate herself with the Kwan Entertainment, Radhika Apte replied that the members of the agency have helped her in many ways and they are all really close to her. Besides, she assured that they all support #MeToo movement and are taking all the required actions.

Radhika Apte’s view on the Minister of External affairs, M.J. Akbar’s resignation.

Radhika Apte emphasised that so many big and important names are coming out in the wake of this movement that it is difficult to comment on each and every case. However she   said that all she could see is that whole Industry has come together constructively to make a safe environment for everybody to work into. She even added that she herself is also a part of the same and working on the system which is equal and genderless for every body.

So, do you appreciate Hot celebrity, Radhika Apte’s stand on #MeToo movement? Share your views in the comments below.

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