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I have never said no to working with Karan Johar: Kangana


IMG SRC: www.indianexpress.com (Kangana Karan)

I am sure we all remember the great Kangana Ranaut statement. The times when she called Karan Johar “the flag bearer of nepotism in bollywood”. What a debate in ensued with the whole bollywood clan taking sides. Kangana is actually  a trouble caller  for self and is always in the news for ‘ajeeb ajeeb se reasons’. She mixes her personal and professional life like when she brought Hritik issue back to promote Simran. 


But this time she emerged a wise woman and complimented herself on being the most professional artist. She even went on to say that she has no issues on working with Karan. So what was the last year drama for Dear kangana…

Yess that is true, apparently during the whole nepotism drama she never mentioned that she doesnt want to work with Karan. Now that is news to us. Is some new friendship brewing?

What we all are waiting for is to know if Karan also feels the same and has “professionally” has some project for Bollywood Queen.

Stay tuned to know the progress on this story.

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PS. Whatever back and forth you say kanagana… we love you for giving us QUEEN.


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