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Is Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas?

Priyanka Chopra dating

The former Miss World and the ‘Quantico’ star is reportedly dating singer Nick Jonas. Read here for the details of the Romance that no one saw coming.

Priyanka spotted on various outing with Nick Jonas.

Attending friend Meghan Markle’s weddding, Priyanka Chopra might just want to get a Prince Charming of her own. The ‘Quantico’ star has been spotted with the singer Nick Jonas, 25 on a numerous outing. Though there was no hand holding or an obvious PDA as thew were in public places but they seeemed extremely happy in each other’s company.

Recently on 24th May, the former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, 35 was spotted with singer Nick Jonas, 25 going for a Dodgers game. Again the following night they went for the Beauty and the Beast Live Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, enjoying to the fullest the Memorials day weekend.

According to the eye witness who spotted them going together clarified that there was no handholding. But they tried to be private in the extremely public place though they were talking to the people sitting next to them in between. They looked extremely happy. Even for the live concert the two headed together for  the show and headed towards the concession stand during the interval and again returned back to their seats for the show as it resumed.

Jimmy Kimmel night show first spotted their relationship.

It seems that the late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel might be the first one to spot the relationship coming. When Priyanka Chorpa attended the show a few weeks ago, he questioned about the relationship directly showing her the photo of attending Met Gala 2017, together. To this Priyanka Chopra clarified that she did go with him but that was just because they were both at the same table and knew each other. So he just asked if they could go together to which she agreed. That’s how they both went together.

An year later with frequent appearances together it seems that the friendship has turned towards romance. What say people – Do you think Priyanka Chopra is dating pal Nick Jonas? Right your views in the comments below.

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