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Ittefaq Movie Review – A gripping & engaging tale !!


Ittefaq Movie Review : It is a gripping tale of a double murder case with a brilliant work by cast especially Akshaye Khanna. Movie is about a novelist Vikram Sethi(Siddharth Malhotra)& a girl named Maya Sinha(Sonakshi Sinha).Vikram is trapped in the murder case of his own wife and murder of Maya’s husband. Both of them have their own version of stories, who is lying is the mystery.


A renowned novelist from UK is present in India for his book launch. His wife Katherine who is also the CEO of the publishing company dies in the hotel room. Vikram who gets trapped in a double murder is found at the crime scene of another murder and remanded for the double murder.

Maya whose husband died is also a suspect. Both the stories are tied to an ittefaq which is beautifully wrapped in by the killer. Dev Verma(Akshaye Khanna) who is the investigating officer unearths the layers to find the truth. Will he be able to unearth the truth? Will he be able to bring the original killer to justice? For these answers you should watch the movie.


Talking about the acting,Akshaye Khanna is the best performer in the movie, followed by SIddharth & Sonakshi. A light humour served with a serious investigation makes a perfect blend of entertainment. Character actors who have played sub inspector & constable makes the situation light with some required stupidity. Dialogues are light but are used meticulously making them effective. Although it is not the best thriller Bollywood has ever produced. It still is a good work. Details on very little things make a thriller more compelling which is good about this movie.Behind a gruesome crime lie an “ittefaq” which makes it a cat & mouse play. Best thing about this movie is absence of songs, makes it look like a thriller. Director Abhay Chopra has done a good job.

Leaving few loopholes behind, this movie is well made. It deserves a 3 star rating out of 5.

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