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Jab Harry Met Sejal should have been Jab Harry Met “Himself”

Biggest Flops of 2017

Last week a major disappointment came when a much awaited film “Jab Harry Met Sejal” turn out to be a disaster. Story of a film is the backbone of film.

If there is no power in the story,no effort is good enough to make a good film.

For our readers we have brought a new version of story. Lets make a story which Imtiaz Ali is famous for but was not able to bring out in this movie. In the movie “Jab Harry Met  Sejal”, Harry met Sejal but was not able to meet himself. Thats what was lagging in the movie.

Old Plot

Harry is a tourist guide has something in his mind, which is his reason for sadness or loneliness. There was an effort to touch that part, but an insufficient effort. The story of the movie was written till interval and was used till end. The over dragged ring part actually made the movie boring.

Harry’s character was not developed in the movie properly. It was a major loophole in the movie. When you have a great talent at disposal you ought to use it. The film failed to talk about Harry, which made it an ordinary movie with a weak story.

New Plot

The film could have taken a turn with that scene where Harry was crying. There was an opportunity to build a strong character.

Harry who ran from the house had a feeling of longing for his home. The feeling of loneliness & pain could have been portrayed very well.

A man who can make you cry leaves a lot of scope for good scenes & acting. Harry’s Punjab connection & his feelings for his home. His dreams about getting back to where his home is. His love for the fields & farmer inside him. All these missing things would have resulted in a much better film.. An opportunity was lost without all these actions.

Hoping to see the duo of SRK & Imtiaz work together, with some thought in the story to bring out an awesome movie.

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