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Julie 2 Movie Review : A “Dirty” Version of “Dirty Picture”

julie 2

It’s is really amazing to look at the doubled faced standards of industry. On one side Pahlaj Nihalani was brutally cutting good scene out of good films.When his own film came, he sponsored a compilation of pathetic acting & bad direction. Julie 2 is nothing but a woman in bulky frame & sultry dresses with zero acting skills trying to gain sympathy. It was very difficult for her to deliver a dialogue. Her voice with so much pause and bulk made the dialogues a pain. The direction of the film is pathetic and the director thinks that he is making a breakthrough movie (his name was mentioned at the time of interval also). No doubt that Deepak Shivdasani has done an awful job.

Aditya Srivastava has played a cop (Devdutt) in the movie. He has done his role well but at many places he seems going over the top to bring the CID impact. It is so much that at one time you will feel that it is Julie 2 or Devdutt 1. There are very limited people in the movie who are able to act normally or probably it is director’s fault.

There are few scenes in which camera is so close to the body that it is like pasted to the skin itself. Everything is not bad,in the film. There are few shots in which Raai Laxmi is looking immaculately beautiful. Rati Agnihotri & Pankaj Tripathi are good actors but are used in a limited manner. Ravi Kishen has a small role but quite noticeable. Music is Ok and location backgrounds are good. Overall movie is below average. Even if you want to watch go with earphone plugged in just for pleasure of your eyes. This movie has nothing more to offer.

I am giving this film 1.5 star out of 5.

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