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Kaalakaandi Review: Saif is climbing up since Rangoon


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Kaalakaandi is a dark comedy directed by debutant Akshat Verma. Akshat earlier wrote script Delhi Belly, another dark comedy, and so expectations are high. Kaalakaandi is a Marathi word meaning haphazardness or when everything goes wrong and so was the movie-Haphazard.


The movie involves a major plot casting Saif Ali Ahan. His character is recently diagnosed with stomach cancer and has very few months remaining to his life. Thus to make the most out of it, he is convinced by his friends to do the doomed, drugs are involved and he is set free. What follows after that is Kaalakaandi. Saif is wonderful in the movie and has played his character awesomely. He hasn’t been rewarded in recent past even after awesome performances in Rangoon and Cheff, Kaalakaandi demonstrates his prowess again. He is surely climbing up.

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Besides Saif, this movie has a long star cast including Akshay Oberoi, Isha Talwar, Sobhita Dhulipala, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Raaz, Shivam Patil, Amanda Rosario as Selina, Shenaz Treasurywala, Nary Singh and Neil Bhoopalam. Multiple subplots like a bored couple or employees planning to rob the boss are involved. Each draws you to its attention and cuts off right before the correct time. Until, they are supposed to come together on the night when Saif consumes acid (drugs). The subplots draw you towards them but never enough to take you away from a drugged man suffering from cancer. This might be a little frustrating for viewers but believe me, such stories demand attention.

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Black punch lines, satire, emotions all run through this Akshat Verma movie. The paradox goes too much and might leave the audiences flummoxed but a keen viewer would definitely get the comedy intended by the makers – Dark it is. Another plus point is the background score which balances the gloomy side of Mumbai presented in the movie. The movie opens a Kaleidoscope of stories blended together on the night of Kaalakandi.
I give Kaalakaandi 3.5 out of 5 amd would recommend movie goers to relive the Delhi Belly moments in Mumbai way.
Bollywood needs more movies like this, and more makers like Akshat.
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