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Kangana Ranaut rubbishes the reports on why Sonu Sood left Manikarnika.

Sonu Sood left Manikarnika

Sonu Sood left Manikarnika giving a reason of scheduling conflict with Rohit Shetty’s Simmba. The most ambitious project of Kangana Ranaut was left midway and Kangana Ranaut shames Sonu Sood and rubbishes the reasoning given by him. Read here for details.

Sonu Sood on why he opted out of Manikarnika.

Sonu has become the talk of the town after he recently left Manikarnika. According to him he left Manikarnika because his dates clashed with Rohit Shetty’s Simmba. But there is something else that didn’t go well too. Sonu Sood who was apparently playing the role of Sadashivrao Bhau was required to sport a clean shave for the period film while he has beard in Simmba. So he opted out. However Kangana Ranaut has something else to say.

Kangana Ranaut on why Sonu Sood left Manikarnika.

Kanagana Ranaut when asked why Sonu Sood left Manikarnika and whether the news of she having a tiff with Sonu which has gone viral true, she said that she hasn’t met him since their last shot with Krish (director) last year. She added that he could not even give them some tentative dates that could match with other actors and vehemently denied of working under a lady director. She was taken aback, as he was a dear friend and she had even launched a music of his film in the past on his request. The whole team has faith in her but he neither has faith nor the date. This is quite surprising.

Kangana Ranaut rubbished the show down reports.

Kangana Ranaut rubbished the reports which said that she had a show down with Sonu Sood. She added that when she had called him saying that she could go ahead with someone else, he called up the studio and gave dates. But that was too late as by then she had already narrated the story to Zeeshan Ayyub and recieved dates for September for him. She has never met Sonu or directed him, so the question of show down doesn’t arise.

Kangana to even reshoot the portion already shot with Sonu.

When asked whether she would reshoot the portions already shot with Sonu Sood, she confirmed that none of the portion shot with him will be used.  She added that Sonu was sporting spiked hair with gel in all her the shots. So the new editorial team has discarded all of them. Who has spiked hair in a period film? So, when everything was to be reshot, it was better to shoot with a new actor.

She even added that he himself had written a few portions of Dangal like Kushti which were never a part of the film but insisted that the same be kept as he had prepared his body for 4 months for the same. The editors have discarded all of them which is probably the reason why he was not giving the dates. She added that she is neither the writer of the script nor the editor. How will she know what is happening behind her back.

We all know Kangana as a bold girl and her recent interview was really a bold one to clarify all the viral news going around. So what do you think replacing Sonu Sood is the correct decision by Kangana? Share your views in the comments below.

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