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Karwaan Review : Irrfan Stands Out

karwaan review


Karwaan is a road film which takes the lead character to a life changing journey.

It is a story of a guy named Avinash(Dulquer Salmaan), who is stuck in his boring IT job and cannot do much about it because of his father’s pressure. His life takes a turn one fine evening when he gets news of his father’s demise. This call marks the beginning of his unforgettable journey,as he has to travel to other city to fetch his father’s body.

karwaan review

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A confusion changes his course of life when his father’s body gets replaced with someone else’s. From Bangalore he has to go to Cochin to fetch the body. In this task, he gets help of  Shaukat(Irrfan Khan) who gets ready to bring the body from Cochin. The lady who has the body asks them to pick up her teenage daughter Tanya (Mithila Palkar).

All three then sets for a remarkable journey, this is what Karwaan is about.

Dulquer Salmaan who is an established actor from Malyalam industry marks his Bollywood debut. He has effortlessness in his acting which leaves no scope for nervousness.

Mithila Palkar is quirky and outgoing chirpy girl who is just fine in her act. Few scenes have given her chance to show her acting skills.

The best part of the film is  Irrfan whose acting talent is sheer brilliance. He shines through his role of a conservative man with conservative thinking.

Karwaan Review

Story takes its own sweet time to take shape and when it does it makes an instant connection with audience. At places it tries to capture the dark humour associated with the situation.

Although it is not as delightful as it was looking in trailer, but it can be seen for Irrfan’s acting and for freshness of Dulquer and Mithila.

I am giving it 3 stars out of 5.

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