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Kylie Jenner wants more babies with Travis to shut the rumours.

Kylie Jenner wants more babies

With the rumours rampant all around about Travis Scott not being the read dad of baby Stormi, Kylie Jenner has reportedly got the solution to it – Having more babies with Travis Scott. Yes, Kylie Jenner wants more babies with Travis Scott to prove to the world that he is the real dad of baby Stormi and to shun all the rumours. Read here for details.

Kylie cooks up a plan to shun rumours.

Rumours have been widespread about Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard Tim Chung being the real dad of Stormi Webster. Kylie Jenner has been deeply hurt by the talks that Travis is not the real father of baby Stormi. And now we hear that the 20 year old reality star has found out a way to shun the rumours. The only thing that she can do about besides saying the truth is to have more babies with Travis. She wants to make it known to everyone that she wants to have more children and more importantly with the same father no matter what people have to say and what rumours have been spreading.

The rumours have been making Travis upset.

The rumours originally began when one of the diehard fan posted a side by Side photo of Kylie Jenner and her bodyguard Tim Chung with a caption saying that Kylie’s baby is her bodyguard Chung’s which is making him change his mind. Soon after hundreds of fans were weighing the comparison. Even Kylie’s mother Kris Jenner was upset about it and was yelling on the phone to bring down the rumours right away.

Initially both Kylie and Travis laughed away the rumours.

We know that the 26 year old rapper, Travis was initially able to dismiss the rumours. But as they became widespread he was reportedly getting upset about the same. Since the rumours Travis is getting uncomfortable about his good looking bodyguard and he has been telling Kylie it’s time to let him go. When the rumours were first out both Kylie and Travis laughed it off. But as more and more people started making the comparison with the bodyguard and when people started telling Travis about how good looking Kylie’s bodyguard was and that Stormi resembled Tim Chung, Travis is really getting sick of hearing the same.

We have heard that Kanye West has similar issues with Kim’s bodyguard and so Travis thought of seeking his advice before giving the ultimatum. Now we hear that Travis has given an ultimatum to Kylie Jenner that it’s time for the bodyguard to go now or Else he will.

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