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Lead actress opposite to Varun Dhawan yet to be finalised for Rannbhoomi.


With the rumours running out in the market as to Sara Ali Khan will starr opposite Varun Dhawan for Rannbhoomi, the Director Shashank Khaitan in his interview makes some clarifications. Read here to know details.

Rannbhoomi was announced in February 2018.

In February 2018, filmmaker Karan Johar had announced the upcoming project Rannbhoomi. With Varun Dhawan in the lead and helmed by Shashank Khaitan. The makers believe that the genre in the Hindi Cinema is still not completely explored and they wish to give the audiences a unique experience with Rannbhoomi. Though Bahubali was a unique warrior film and the space has already been explored by Movies like Padmaavat and Jodha Akbar, still there is much more to be showcased.

The makers consider Rannbhoomi as an opportunity to make something memorable.

Shashank Khaitan in his interview told that with backing of Karan Johar and led by brilliant actor Varun Dhawan it is his vision to create something memorable for the audiences through the movie Rannbhoomi. He even credited director S S Rajamouli Sir for opening up the market and showing to the world the potential of the Indian Cinema. Shashank Khaitan said they are trying to create something unique with Rannbhoomi and hopes that the audiences will like it.

Shashank refutes the rumours of Sara Ali Khan finalised for Rannbhoomi.

With the rumours spread in the market as to Sara Ali Khan being finalised as the lead actress against Varun Dhawan for Rannbhoomi, Shashank refutes the same. He clarified that no one has been finalised except for Varun Dhawan. Currently they are working on the story of the film. After that they will take up for casting so that they can give proper narration of the film and not just one liner as the description.

Comparison between Hollywood and Hindi Cinema.

According To Shashank Khaitan, when it comes to story ideas, Hindi Cinema is in no manner lesser than Hollywood. The place where Hindi Cinema lacks is its special effects. And that too because there is a budget constraint. While they make a film for 500 million dollars, we make the same for 10 million dollars. We are in no means lesser in the terms of story, ideas or thoughts. Besides Bahubali is the exemplary, showing that even if it is not the highest level of animation, it is the highest level of thought. The construction of the film is done so beautifully focusing exactly where the focus should be. He further adds that the animation quality of Hindi Cinema will improve after it can market itself in various countries increasing its monetary returns to afford the special effects.

The film Rannbhoomi is slated to release in Diwali 2020. As of now, the director Shashank Khaitan will be seen judging a dance reality show Dance Deewane alongwith choreographer Tushar Kalia and actress Madhuri Dixit. The show is scheduled to go on air from June 2 on Colors TV.

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