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Learn beauty secrets of Sridevi right from daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s mouth.

Beauty secrets of Janhvi Kapoor

Beautiful actress Janhvi Kapoor made her Bollywood debut with movie Dhadak that released on 20th July 2018. For those who do not know Janhvi Kapoor is daughter of Late Bollywood beauty queen Sridevi. Recently Janhvi Kapoor has been awarded as the Vogue Fresh face of the year award at the Vogue Beauty awards 2018. Learn the beauty secrets of Janhvi Kapoor that she learnt from her mother right here.

Janhvi Kapoor at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2018.

The Vogue Beauty Awards 2018 is the first award show that Janhvi Kapoor attended as a Bollywood actress and without her mother and her mentor, Sridevi by her side. She looked stunning at the award show like a true Bollywood Diva. Janhvi has been awarded fresh face of the year award by Vogue. The fashion magazine has also released a video of Janhvi where she shares her beauty secrets of maintaining her hair and skin that she learnt from her mother.

Janhvi Kapoor shares her beauty secrets learnt from mother Sridevi.

Remembering her late mother, Janhvi Kapoor shared that all her beauty tips of maintaining her skin and hair have been learnt from her mother. She added that her mother would make their hair oil at home which consisted of dried flowers and amla. She also used to give her and Khushi hair massage once in every 3 days. She even shared that whatever fruits was leftover at home, be it strawberries or whatever fruit would all go on their face. See the exclusive video here.

Janhvi Kapoor when quizzed about the feelings she had at the award show, she got emotional saying that it’s a very special feeling. She added that she has been used to holding hands of her dad and mom at such shoes and she is confused what hands to hold on specially when her mom is no more. She confessed that she was nervous.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, when Janhvi Kapoor was asked whether she would love to act in a remake of Sridevi movie which is being directed by her father, she said that is a huge responsibility and she needs to prove herself deserving before she takes up such a huge opportunity.

Have you loved Janhvi Kapoor’s role in her debut film Dhadak? Do you think she is an upcoming Bollywood Diva? Share your views in the comments below.

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