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Lipstick Under My Burkha – Is the Hype Real?

lipstick under my burkha


Lipstick under my burkha is a story of desires. The desires which are kept under wraps due to societal pressures. Director Alankrita tries to bring out the topic many women especially from small towns will relate where they still live under the pressures of what to do or what not to do?

They live under the constant pressure of,

What will people think?

What will people say?

But this film can only cater to small town girls & it does not hold true for all the women. Urban women might not be able to relate to these because they have freedom to decide for themselves.

No doubt, the film is good. The way it brings out the desires of characters is commendable.

The hype it has received is probably because the movie is trying to bring out desires of women.

The point is- our society constantly strives to bring equality.But when it comes to cinema . We don’t deal with it equally. If the movie would have focussed on men it would not have received the appreciation it is receiving with such content.

We know that the treatment of men & women in this country is still not same. We have long way to go. But if we want equality, we should be ready for equal things in all aspects what so ever.

Today, there is a huge misbalance in the society. At some places, men enjoy some privileges which women don’t get & same is the case with women. In process of bringing equality we are promoting inequality. Case of women using the law in their favour comes every other day. Laws meant to save them are being misused by few of them. We should not stop in balancing the society & bringing equality. But we should do in an organised way. Otherwise we will keep on balancing this inequality forever.

For this movie, I think the director has worked well. But the hype created is not real. It does not deal with any major problem. It just deals with desires of a set of people which does not represent society as a whole.

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