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Lose weight the healthy way: Meghan Trainor shares tips and tricks.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor who is known for her campaign ‘Love yourself at any size’ has started taking care of her health better and has already lost 20 pounds.

Meghan Trainor spills beans on how and why she lost weight.

Meghan Trainor, 24 has been famous for her body positivity. Even with her huge weight she used to carry herself confidently. But recently as she appeared as a judge on the show ‘The Four’ on 30th May, 2018 she surprised everybody with the phenomenal change in her body. She has already lost 20 pounds and can stop tellling everyone why and how she lost weight.

In her recent interview she revealed that she just wants to live forever. She added that she has stop drinking. She used to face a lot of acne problem and now it’s a high time she says goodbye to her acne. She’s 24 and she wants to live till 106. Talking about her fitness regime she said it wasn’t easy for her to lose 20 pounds. The weight used to fluctuate and she quickly learnt that she had to lose it again. May be because she had never lost so much of weight and she was actually feeling good about it.

Meghan gives credit to fiancé Daryl Sabara.

Daryl has been too much supportive and a source of motivation for Meghan. She revealed that she has baby fever and she wants to be healthy so that she can be like that for her kids. Daryl has guided Meghan in the right direction by showing her how working out could be fun. She initially didn’t believe it but now that the results are showing up she actually feels good when the body is sore. She has kind of got addicted to her fitness regime.

Meghan has started eating better.

Meghan has even changed her eating habits a lot. She has started eating better. She didn’t know how to cook but thanks to Daryl she’s learning how to cook. In fact Daryl has been teaching her how to make your food tasty while it’s still healthy for her.

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