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Lucknow Central Review : A story of Dream & Drama!

lucknow central


Kishan Mohan Girhotra(Farhan Akhtar) is an aspiring singer who has a dream of forming a band. He is struggling to make his dream reality.But one day, he gets falsely convicted for a murder & ends up in a jail called “Lucknow Central”. The struggle of the jail & the behaviour of the inmates becomes problem for him but eventually he finds his way. To participate in a certain inter jail band competition. He tries to form a band with his inmates. Then he finds his friends & member to form a band, which is the ultimate dream.

In the role of a convicted singer still under trial for death penalty, Farhan looks real. Diana Penty in a special role of NGO activist working for reform of convicted people, helps Kishan in every form But she is not utilised completelyin the film.

Other inmates who become band members includes Paali(Gippy Grewal), Deepak Dobriyal( Victor),Rajesh Sharma(Pandit) & Inaamulhaq(DIkkat Ansari). These inmates make this film about jail break real convincing & playes their part well.. At some places movie pace gets derailed but good acting from supporting cast saves that, especially Ravi Kishen who brings humour to the film. Gippy Grewal looks serious as a heart broken lover whereas Dobriyal’s talent seems of limited use.

It looks good when actors have different talent to showcase with every film. This holds true for all except Ronit Roy(Jailer of Lucknow Central) who is doing same roles since ages.


A movie about Music should have good music. Movie does not disappoint here. There are 02 good songs in the movie: Rangdaari & Meer-e-Karwaan. Both are well written & well sung. Although the movie is good & acting is also at par. But the script could have been a little tight & some editing in the initial jail scenes would have resulted in a shorter film.Its good when you see dreams getting fulfilled on screen which otherwise is a difficult job. Based on true story, the movie gives you necessary boost & motivation to carry on. With that thought & hard work by team Lucknow Central. I am giving it 3.5 stars out of 5.

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