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Hollywood Movie: Avengers Endgame is now all set to hit the screen

Hollywood Movie

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Here is another sequel of top Hollywood movie Avengers-Endgame ready for release on April 26, 2019. Marvel Studios has released the colored poster of avengers still an alive and black and white poster of cold Avengers. Everyone is quite excited about this upcoming sequel to catch the magic of our superheroes.


Avengers Endgame an American superhero film is the sequel of Avengers: Infinity War 2018 produced by Marvel Studios based on Marvel comics.

Finally, Marvel studios have divulged the release of 2019 biggest Hollywood movie Avengers-Endgame.

Hereafter the end of Avenger-Infinity War the story starts with Tony where he is found conveying some message.  Later a spaceship was found floating where he addressed the run out of oxygen. In Infinity war he was left stranded in Titan with Nebula. Furthermore, it seems as if she is trying to build a spaceship and managing to get back. On the other side, Thanos was walking with his long gloves after destroying half of the universe. Later Hawkeye is seen in Avenger -Endgame, where he was missing in the infinity war now in the version of Ronin where he will be seen wielding Samurai sword in Japan with Natasha surprised to watch him. The captain saw his lady love’s pic in a pocket watch as he saw the same during the plane crash. Now after this the Avenger-Endgame starts.

Now it is suspense what will happen next, our superheroes who are still in colors and what are their plans of taking revenge from supervillain Thanos.

Super Villain Thanos:

Thanos is the giant supervillain character created by Jim Starlin and played by Josh Borlin in American comic book published by Marvel Comics is all time the famous giant character who set out to collect Infinity stones. In the infinity war, Thanos successfully destroyed half of the universe after he collected all six infinity stones. He said he did so to maintain peace in the universe.

Therefore, Thanos wanted to assume control on the entire universe and this makes him one of the craziest Villians. Thanos has inheld of superpowers and is quite smart. So it will be exciting to watch how our Hollywood superheroes defend against supervillain Thanos.

The release of a film: April 26, 2019

Title: Avengers-Endgame

Directors: Joe and Anthony Russo

Cast: Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Karen Gillan, Mark Ruffalo

However, the top Hollywood movie of 2019 “Avenger-Endgame” posters are out one month before release.

You can check the videos of star cast of “Avenger-Endgame” Star cast-Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and others talking about their character.

Director Joe Russo: The trailer of “Avengers-Endgame” Hollywood biggest 2019 release is getting an excellent response by the audiences and we are happy about the response the movie is getting”.

However, this year again Hollywood is going to break the massive records with the dynamic release of “Avengers-Endgame” the biggest Hollywood movie of 2019 on 26th April 2019.

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