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Melania Trump is planning to leave Donald Trump alone in White House?

Melania Trump is planning

After the weeks of mysterious ‘Me Time’, for Melania Trump, there are new rumours that Melania Trump is planning to move back to her NYC home leaving Hubby Donald Trump alone at the White House. Read here for details.

Melania Trump not seen since May 10.

Melania Trump made the last public appearance on May 10th, 4 days before she got admitted in the hospital to treat her benign kidney condition. Almost a month now, she has not not made a public appearance since then. Though she did attend the Reception for the Gold Star Military families on June 4th, The even was closed for the press and so no official photograph has been available. One of the invitees captured the same on the phone camera to leak out the details. Melania Trump wore black dress and walked beside President Trump. Take a look to the video here.

Melania Trump will not accompany Donald Trump to G7 Summit in Canada or summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore which are taking place on June 8 and June 12 respectively.

Melania Trump rumoured to move to NYC permanently.

A new report claims that Melania Trump’s long absence from the public is because of her silent preparation to leave for their home in NYC permanently. Melania Trump had enough of Washington DC. So she’ll move back leaving her husband alone at the White House. It is not known exactly when the move would happen but it will happen really soon and this time permanently the report claims.

For Melania family always comes first.

The strained relationship with husband President Trump is not the only reason why Melania would be leaving for NYC. The 48 year old’s mother lives in NYC and she is currently in the need of medical help. Melania wants to return to take care of her mother and be by her side. If it came to choosing between her role as a First Lady or her family, Melania would not give a second thought leaving the White House to be by her family. Remember Melania Trump took her time to move to the White House in the first place. Donald and Melania Trump lived apart for 5 months when Donald Trump took his place in the Oval Office while Melania Trump stayed back in NYC waiting for her son Barron to finish the school. Do you think Melania Trump is planning to move to NYC?

There is no comment from Melania Trump’s communication director Stephanie Grisham.

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