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Melania Trump wishes Donald Trump’s Presidency to get over.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump is taking out some ‘Me Time’ after her Kidney surgery and is away from the paparazzi. However Donald Trump’s Presidency isn’t letting things get easier for her and she wishes his presidency gets over now. Read here for details.

Melania Trump’s recovering from kidney surgery.

Melania Trump, 48 underwent a kidney surgery for a benign condition on May, 14th and since then secluded herself from the eyes of the people. However her break is not completely health related. She is also trying to improve upon her marriage with Donald Trump, 71 also. An insider source clarified that  Melania Trump is taking the time out for regaining her health and strengthening her marriage. It has been some hideneously stressful past few months and Melania needs time to recharge her batteries so that she can get back to handle the shocks.

Donald’s presidency isn’t letting things get easier for Melania.

Donald Trump is under increasing pressure for the past few months now and so he is generally in not very great mood. This has led to an increasing stress atmosphere in the White House. Melania has been so much fed up now that she has been actually wishing that Donald Trump’s Presidency gets over and she could return to her normal life. Though she knows very well that the things could never be the same again.

About Melania Trump’s kidney surgery.

Melania Trump was admitted at the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland on 14th May 2018, Monday. She underwent an embolization surgery to treat her benign condition. Her communication director Stephanie Grisham passed an official statement that Melania’s surgery was successful and she did not develop any complication. She however would spend the rest whole week in the hospital under observation. She was said to be in full spirits hoping to recover fully before she could jump to normalcy and continue her work for children everywhere.

First US First Lady since 1987 to undergo major surgery.

Melania Trump is the first United States First Lady to undergo a major surgery while in the White House since 1987. Earlier in 1897, Nancy Reagan underwent her mastectomy and  before her Rosalynn Carter underwent a surgery to remove her benign breast Tumour in 1977. Betty Ford also underwent mastectomy in1974.

We wish Melania Trump an early recovery after her major surgery and also hope this Me time would help her better her strained marriage relationship.

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