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Review: Half Girlfriend – Starring Arjun & Shraddha

half girlfriend

 Movie Review : Half Girlfriend-Starring Arjun & Shraddha

movie review:half girlfriend-starring arjun & shraddha


Movie Review : Half Girlfriend-Starring Arjun & Shraddha

Half Girlfriend is one half baked movie.Not a good sentence to start with,but its true.

Chetan Bhagat,One the most popular novelist and columnist of the country,brings yet another love story.

It is brought to life by director Mohit Suri,who has given many sucessful movies.

The “Half Girlfriend” is a story of a boy who hails from “not so rich” family.

He falls in love with a girl from a very rich family.

The first half of the movie brings some energy into the otherwise dull plot.

Madhav is running after Ria and trying to woo her by all means.

These efforts brings life into a dead movie.


The potential of actors has not been explored completely.

Also the script is not strong in making the film engrossing.

In Bollywood movies,some sort of stupidity is always there to engross the audience.

In this movie,whenever Ria meet somebody she bumps her fist against the other and it looks really stupid.

Madhav on the other side have tried well to portray a boy from Bihar.

The second half of the movie is quite dull & boring.

The movie could have worked wonders if made by some other director.

Making such movies is not a cup of tea of Mohit Suri .

Ofcourse he is a good director,but every director has his own expertise.

You cannot expect a good thriller from Karan Johar,ofcourse he makes wonderful romantic movies.

Similarly you cannot expect Anurag Kashyap to deliver wonderful romantic movies.

Arjun & Shraddha could have done a better job with acting.

But i think,director is as at fault in this, you can see Shahrukh doing blunder in Farah Khan’s movie.


Considering the dull script,bad direction,not so good editing and half hearted effort in acting.

I can give only two stars to this movie.

Some expert opinions must be used in the film industry before making a movie.

So that we don’t get to see blunders like Half Gilrfriend.



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