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Next controversy on release of Manikarnika : Kangana Ranaut

kangana ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is a talented actor indulged in useless gimmicks and a fight against almost everyone in the industry. I don’t understand why people encourage wrong things in the name of feminism. Was it even required?

A marketing gimmick at the time of release of Simran seems to be over now. Probably, she will return with her so called “Pitara” of negativity near release of “Manikarnika”.

Not only her allegations, her sister’s way of reacting to almost everyone will go negative against Kangana. Rangoli seems to be playing “Vibhishan” for Kangana. She’s is just spoiling Kangana’s relation with everyone.

On one end you claim to be an ex flame and now that things are not going fine, you call him Uncle. Age was just a number when you were dating, now it is a huge difference. Dear Kangana, If you want someone to represent you, you should select a sensible person not an immature girl.

Viral Song

That Song by AIB featuring Kangana Ranaut was not about feminism. That was a bull shit way of selling crap and targeting the age of a senior actor. A distasteful song which had nothing meaningful but it was an attempt to troll a senior actor. Age has nothing to do with men or women. It all depends on audience whether they want to accept an actor or not. Audience can reject a young male and select an old female actor. It all depends on audience choice no one from film industry can control that. So many actors beyond 50 are active in film industry irrespective of their gender.

Nepotism & All

Recently Akshaye Khanna gave his opinion about nepotism and he was absolutely right about it. No father can make his son star,he can only make films. Only Audience have the power to do that. Audience has done that for Kangana and made her the “Queen” but she still have doubts in mind.

Being a good actor nowhere means that you have to stay in news just by controversy. You should focus on your acting skills.Lets take example of Vidya Balan, she is a great actor and has created a niche for herself. But has anybody seen her in any controversy ever. When you can do your work cordially, what is the need to create ruckus. Things can be achieved amicably also.

I hope Kangana Ranaut understands that and be a superstar with her active skills. Not by insulting and trolling everyone from same fraternity.

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