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October: a gentle love…a compassionate heart…a breeze in April!!


Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu starrer October charmed with its first look and trailer but never expected it to be this breath-taking. October has a stillness in it that moves you, a silence that speaks volumes. A love story about hope. October connects with audiences in all aspects.


A chronic irritated hotel management trainee Dan (Varun Dhawan) seeks balance in life by showing little aggression at his work place. A girl Shiuli (Banita Sandhu), also a trainee at the same hotel and these two who rarely interacted with each other. A day in October when Shiuli (Banita) falls off from a building and becomes stupor and then, these two who just seem connected. October is a story that so perfectly draws the life of people around a comatose person. A movie that came this close to the concept before was Kalki Koechlin starrer Waiting.

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October is not just about that, the story principally revolves around Dan who is a bit rebellious and sometimes repulsive. How his life gets affected and then centers around an incident involving Shiuli. Soojit Sircar’s October speakes through eyes and brings out the darkest emotions humans can have. You feel sloshing and brimming with tears that also bring out a different strength and energy. Its actually not a love story but story about love. The spirit is hope that comes only with love.


By all means October is the best performace of Varun Dhawan. Its difficult to imagine him in such roles after his  major successes have been noted to be light hearted romantic comedies. A hero not so hero in Varun is pleasing to watch. Banita speaks through her face only and yet connects with audiences, a difficult role well played. Gitanjali Rao is pure reality as Shiuli’s mother.


October does not have a single flaw to mention. A class-apart, breath taking movie with heart drawing and not heart wrenching moments. I give October 4.5 out of 5 stars. A must watch, a weekend treat.

Sure this will bring some hope and love to our lives.


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