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OMG:Armaan Kohli arrested for assault

Armaan Kohli behind the bars

The former Big Boss contestant and the Bollywood actor Armaan Kohli is in the limelight for all wrong reasons. Yes, Armaan Kohli behind the bars. Last week the Bollywood actor’s girlfriend and live in partner, Neeru Randhawa filed a case against the actor at the Santacruz police station for physically assaulting her. The police has finally  found Armaan and have put him behind the bars. Read here for details.

Armaan Kohli behind the bars.

Armaan Kohli was traced by the Mumbai Police earlier today hiding out at his friend Baba’s farmhouse in Lonavala. The police has arrested the actor for interrogation and is currently behind the bars for offences under section 324, 326, 504, 506. The Mumbai police even revealed that when Armaan Kohli’s father was inquired about the actors whereabouts post complaint by Neeru Randhawa, Armaan’s father mentioned that he has no idea about the same.

About the physical assault incident.

Talking about the physical assault incident, Neeru Randhawa mentioned that she takes care of Armaan’s Goa Villa which was often let out. This time also a booking had been made with respect to which the client made the payment to the villa staff. When Armaan inquired about the money she mentioned that she would ask the villa staff to transfer the same to his account. However Armaan got enraged and started verbally abusing her. He even banged her head to the floor which left her bleeding profusely. Neeru kept begging Armaan to allow her to go to the hospital and that she would not approach the police for the same. When she reached the hospital the doctor informed that she would have to undergo surgery as the wound was too deep. Besides he even informed that the scar would be visible even after the surgery as the wound had damaged her facial tissues.

Armaan begs Neeru to come back home.

Neeru even confessed that since the incident Armaan Kohli has been messaging Neeru to come back home. He even agrees to marry her right away. However it seems that Neeru has had enough of Kohli. What do you think does Armaan Kohli behind the bars is justified or Neeru should take her complaint back and return to Armaan. Share your views in the comments below.

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