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Finally after so many troubles, going through bans, sabotage, bounty on actors and what not Padmaavat has released. And the fight was worth it, Padmaavat is a rich cinematic experience that draws you to 13th century as if you are a part of it. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has once again proved his mastery of Directorial skill.

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Aditi Rao Hydari


Padmaavat is based on a sufi poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. It is a tale that glorifies Rajput valor and honor, and demonifies the Sultan of the times. Padmaavat can be summarized as a straight story of greed, power, and lust for women. Padmavati (Deepika Padukone) is the beautiful wife of Rajput King Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor), Allaudin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), the Sultan of Delhi lusts over her when he is informed about her beauty.


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His belief that he has right over everything strikes as he seeks to have a look at Padmavati. His wish was granted to keep peace but it further fuels his idiosyncrasies. He seeks to take padmavati to his kingdom as his own. A besiege, followed by a war sequence and ultimately Jauhar of many women of the Rajput kingdom results.


The star cast of the movie is as grand as the movie itself. The actors can beautifully make you a part of this 13th century story. Deepika looks gorgeous in her ensembles, a true Rajputana queen. Shahid is charming and marvelous, he portrays a king with humility with such ease. But the cake is ultimately taken by Ranveer Singh. His portrayal of demonish Sultan Allaudin Khilji, his venomous look, upbraided physique and dialogues cleverly brings out hatred in viewers for Allaudin. Expressions of Aditi Rao Hydari when she realizes her husband’s (Allaudin) true character says it all. The cinematic experience is indeed grand. The only shortfall of the movie is that on an emotional ground the present generation fails to connect with the reason of Jauhar, resulting in conclusion a little less satisfying.

I suggest everyone, the movie is worth a watch for amazing scapes of 13th century, spectacular acting and complain free direction. Kudos to the Padmaavat team from Filmywhisky.

I give Padmaavat 4 out of 5 stars. Well, I might go and watch it once again.


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PS. what was the fight for, I found nothing against Rajputs in Padmaavat. 😛

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