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Padman or Padmaavat: Which one to watch this Republic Day??


By now we all know that Padmaavat (renamed from Padmavati) producers have decided to release the movie on 25th January. This date will make it clash with another movie we all are waiting for, Akshay Kumar starrer, Padman. This has put us movie buffs into a dilemma, which one to watch first…if we are watching both…

Filmywhisky has done some work to get us out of this catch 22 situation. So here are a few points to decide which movie you should go for.

Period drama or Period issue

While Padmavati is a historical drama based on a poem padmaavat (assumed to be real), Padman is based on a man who developed cheap sanitary pads for women of his village. Two topics that idolize and generate women pride in different eras. Entertainment expert at Filmywhisky will suggest that feminists should go for Padman, self-immolation for pride may be insipid for most of the present day feminists.

IMG SRC: http://ste.india.com/sites/default/files/2017/11/17/639383-padmavati-posters.jpg

Grandeur and magnum-opus

If you are interested in Bhansali’s representation of 13th century Rajput kingdom, lifestyle, outlook, beauty and grandeur of Indian rulers and kings, Padmaavat is what you seek. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for crafting a virtual world for viewers be it Devdas or Bajirao-Mastani, and now Padmaavat will not be behind. Padman on the other hand is a village based movie of a man who revolutionized sanitary pad manufacturing.

IMG SRC: http://www.bollywoodlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/akshay-sonam-padman.jpg


Well this one is a catch again because we love both Akshay kumar (Padman), who is turning himself into a socially responsible actor and Ranveer Singh (we all love him as weird as he goes). Also the female leads Deepika and Sonam/Radhika Apte are both amazing actors. It is way too difficult to decide on this aspect atleast.

So guys it is a tough one for movie lovers like us. Let us hope they both do good and we all get to watch them both (after all both movies deserve attention ).

Let us know in the comments which movie would you go for and why?

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Stay tuned!!

PS: Is Aiyaari also releasing on 25th January?.. hope not. 😛

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