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Parmanu: India’s path to nuclear might in a Naive way


Parmanu, beginning from India’s failed attempt to be a nuclear state and unintelligently handing a suspension notice to the person responsible for giving initial shape to its nuclear programme progresses into a story of motivation, struggle and achievement. The story is India’s path to achieve nuclear might but is cliched with naivety.


Ashwath Raina (John Abraham) is the bureaucrat who brings forth the idea of India’s nuclear programme for safety and peace. An idea that is initially ridiculed but ultimately given a nod. This attempt fails in 1995, Ashwath is scapegoated and handed a suspension order. Three years later, he is called back from his common man’s life of a teacher to IAS aspirants to complete what he left behind. Himanshu Shukla (Boman Irani) brings a reluctant Ashwath back. That is when the movie finally picks up to be a race against time as the makers claim. Ashwath’s team is selected to achieve Pokhran mission against all odds of time and the satellite eyes of CIA.


The screenplay amazingly uses original videos of the 1998 revelation of Pokhran project of India’s then PM Vajapayee, US president Bill Clinton and Pakistani leaders Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. This helped the makers to come out of any political jam. The movie essentially does not uses anti Pakistan strategy to build nationalism. A fair judgement on part of makers of Parmanu. This screenplay saves the movie from the naivety with which the major transformations and fears of the pokhran team are handled. Strangely, it is a little low of what is generally expected of Bollywood.


A major setback to the movie is John Abraham’s expressionless presence. It worked to some extent to make him bureaucrat with political associations but lack of his acting was evident. Diana’s role as a member of the Pokran team is not very elaborate to be of a major importance.


Parmanu is a watchable movie with its flaws. It could have been a brilliant movie with some more inclusive acting skills on part of John and a bit more seriousness on screenplay.

  • I give Parmanu 2 on 5 stars. An average movie watchable for the weekend



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