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Priyanka Chopra: Cleavage Cleavage trouble trouble!!


IMG SRC: indianexpress.com (Priyanka Chopra)

Priyanka Chopra is repeatedly being called into controversies. After being pulled into the Nirav Modi-PNB Scam, the actor is now being accused of too much exposure. Recently Assam Tourism has released a calendar featuring Priyanka, she is also the brand ambassador for Assam tourism.

According to Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC), Priyanka is chosen for the calendar because she is an international star and may bring International tourists to Assam. A point well understood by all, but for her minimal clothing…apparently it does not go well with the culture of Assam.

IMG SRC: dnaindia.com

The issue got so serious that it was discussed in the state assembly. Most of the opponent leaders ranted discouraging her selection for the role. One of the members of the assembly said “there are too many talented Assamese actors and one of them should have done the job, not Priyanka”.


Piggy chops will not be happy to know all this. After all it takes a lot of effort to look that glamorous on a calendar. The opponent party shouted that her portrayal on calendar in not so sober attires do not reflect any of Assam’s specialties. The calendar and advertisements should have preserved the culture of Assam, rather these bring a bad view about the culture of the state said one of the assembly member.

What ensues from here for Assam tourism is yet to see but Priyanka is definitely getting embroiled in unusual controversies. From her attire when she met PM… her legs..oops, to Nirav Modi Scam and now her sensual calendar. Pheww!! Take care Priyanka.. We all love you… 🙂

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