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Raabta: Movie Review

raabta review

Raabta: Movie Review

Starring : Sushant Singh Rajput,Kriti Sanon & Jim Sarbh

Genre : Drama/Mystery


Raabta is based on reincarnation,directed by Dinesh Vijan

First of all, lets talk about the star cast of the movie.

Lead actors are Sushant SIngh Rajput & Kriti Sanon

Sushant Singh is the actor who can perform very well. We have seen that in his previous movies.

In Raabta, he plays the role of a “Crowdpuller” who thinks he is quite cool (he actually is).He can dance, got eight pack abs & he is a hotshot banker. He got everything what a hero should have in Bollywood.In certain scenes he is quite good.

Kriti on the other hand has played role of a girl who lives alone and owns a chocolate shop. She looks beautiful in film. Though I dint like her intro scene.

The best part of the film is Chemistry between the lead pair. There are few scenes which will pull your attention. Kriti & Sushant makes a perfect couple. But they are somehow stuck in an extra-long, not made that well & on an age old topic. The first half is still good,the problem starts with entry of Jim Sarbh.He looks shaby in role of a Liquor Baron,who brings in the angle of reincarnation & incomplete love in the movie. Film would have done well, if it would have ended at interval or subject of reincarnation would have left alone.

There are few comedy scenes, on which only crew member would have laughed. Varun Sharma is a funny man,but he is not used to his potential. Probably,the director was unable to decide on what he wants from actors,because the talent seems unexplored.

Music is good and already doing well on charts. I don’t think Raabta has contributed anything of much value,but it has given a good lead pair to industry.



Looking at the length & the injustice done by director with capability of actors,

The story is not fresh & the topic is also not treated well.

I can give it only 2.5 stars. Out of which, 2 is for chemistry and 0.5 for rest of the movie.

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