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Race 3 review.. Salman delivers a powerpunch eidi to fans!!

The much speculated Race 3 finally hit the theaters today. As expected the Salman fever runs high in the viewers and good number of people reached to watch morning shows. But Does Race 3 stands to the level of Race 1 and 2? For the baseline of a dysfunct family goading over money and power, yes it does. For all other aspects read the review…


The super cool Anil Kapoor i.e. Shamsher plays the head of the family in this Race. He is a megalo owner of amassed money and business. Father of two cribbing children, Suraj (Saqib Saleem) and Sanjana (Daisy Shah).  Salman Khan (Sikander) plays the role of their cousin and Shamsher’s biggest and closest aide, and there is one more cousin Yash (Bobby Deol)-a secretive mysterious still charming personality. Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandez) is their common love interest-another background rivalry. The movie takes its own time to introduce all the actors, after all it is such a glamorous star cast.


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Now for the story, Shamsher who has amassed such wealth by trading weapons with the army gets an opportunity to get himself acquitted of many misdeeds. His cue is to get a disk (from somewhere in Cambodia) which can bring out miscreants of many corrupt politicians. And so with this much to bring out the base of story.. with awesome actor introduction scenes specially for Salman and Bobby, the tracks for Race 3 are set.

The film easily pleases the non hollywood watchers, it has included amazing screen effects, action scenes, banging cars and bikes, shuttling bullets and a background score to further that effect. Avoid the songs when I mention good background music. Race 3 lacks the suspense and thriller part of the two earlier movies and gets a bit more revealing in its twists and turns. The good part is even with multiple flaws, this one does not irritates the viewers and is not blank either. Its an action thriller, so the laws of physics anyhow don’t hold. Not to use too much brains and enjoy the aura of Salman Khan in an action movie. Watch what he does the best, laughter and enjoyment is what Salman’s Race 3 offers as eidi to the fans. Though a regular movie buff like me will miss Saif’s presence and a bit of real acting but Race 3 is a festival in its own.. so just celebrate.


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With the cast including Salman’s name… he is amazing again by the way (minus acting..uh uh not required) and Anil.. the evergreen charming, other names might not get a mention. But in this one Bobby Deol plays a major acting mascot. the only one who is there to act I believe. Daisy and Jacqueline are two pretty ladies to add to the cast.


As I mentioned earlier also, just for enjoyment, laughter and relaxing your brains. If that is why you watch movies, Race 3 is a treat for you. I give Race 3, 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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