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Ram Charan: Being Chiranjeevi’s son comes with a huge responsibility.

Ram Charan

Ram Charan believes that the constant growing global market for Indian Cinema is not only aiding them financially but also helps in improving greatly upon productivity and aiding Indian Talent to go crossover. Here are some conversations from his exclusive interview with IANS.

World has become a global village.

Ram Charan says that talking about the South Indian community alone, if he looks around the world he can see a lot of people settling down abroad in countries like U.S., Gulf Countries and other’s for generations now. That’s the reason nowadays the films are being released abroad as well and they are minting good money from there. The world has become a global village. The constantly growing global market is giving an impetus to the production values of the films.

Opportunity of doing more collaborative work with Foreign makers increase.

The increase in Global market is not only aiding in making good money from the films but also facilitates doing more collaborative work with the Global makers. You can see by yourself from the examples of Baahubali and Dhanush. In fact Ran Charan’s Rangasthalam has already bagged 200 crores including the global market. Such huge numbers at the box office is only an indication that people are still ready to spend their time for regional films provided the content there in is good.

Intelligent Audience needs to be dealt tactfully.

According to Ram Charan gone are the days when some adult material was added in the film to make it commercially viable. Today’s audiences is intelligent. They will tell us on face that such things are fake and they do not go with the core story. The only manner in which audiences of today can be appealed is improving on the quality of work done.

Tough job to strike a balance between experimental films and commercially viable films.

Many experimental films have got critics acclaimation but they have not done good commercially. On the other hand there are films whose storyline might be weak but gets good numbers on the board due to its star cast or similar other factors. No story is good or bad. It all depends on how Director portrays it. All the artists be it Actor, actress, editor or cinematographer follow the Director’s vision and so if the vision is wise it gets converted into good film on screen.

Challenges for being son of Superstar Chiranjeevi.

Being born as a son of superstar Chiranjeevi, The world of Cinema was never alien to Ram Charan. He has grown up seeing the art of story telling and business at the Box Office.

Ram Charan has been born with a natural talent of showman – The gift that he has inherited genetically from his father. However being a superstars son brings additional challenges. People constantly compare him with his father. That is the reason why he cannot blindly follow his father and has to develop a style of his own. Else people will call him a copycat. When asked does he wear this honour of being Chiranjeevi’s son as a Burden, it came as a big No from Ram Charan. But at the same time he cannot deny the responsibility he carries of living upto the expectation due to the family he comes from.

Ram Charan says he has to maintain his father’s goodwill and we can say he has been doing that flawlessly.

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