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Ranbir Kapoor’s shocking confession: Nicotine addict since 15.

Ranbir confesses his worst addiction. As the Trailer of Sanju released yesterday, where Ranbir Kapoor steps in the shoes of Sanjay Dutt to describe his biopic he has a striking resemblance with Sanju. And what’s best is not only Ranbir has taken a resembling physical appearance but they actually have a lot of things in common.

Common things between Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt.

Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt both have a very dashing personality and an insane fan following. But what comes as a surprise is that both the actors have common addictions. Yes Sanjay Dutt had fallen for drugs at a very young age and today Ranbir Kapoor revealed that he is nicotine addict since the age of 15.

The shocking revealation of Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor’s confession has left us startled us, specially the fact that the he had to take treatment in Austria for his addiction. How would you react when you’ll come to know that  Ranbir took injections in his ear to deal with his addiction? Eewkk Isn’t it. But this is true. Talking about the treatment Ranbir Kapoor revealed that he went to Austria multiple times for treatment wherein the doctor used to give injections in his ears to overcome his addiction. He was able to come over his addiction for 4 months before he resumed to smoke last month. But now he smokes only one or two times a day. He calls nicotine the worst kind of addiction as he somehow fears it now as he had been addicted to it since he was 15. It is something he feels that he doesn’t have the will power to give it up on his own and so required medical help. Kudos to Ranbir Kapoor to share such a shocking revealation, a thing which is a nightmare for any actor.

Ranbir Kapoor on his relationship with lady love Alia Bhatt.

Ranbir Kapoor’s shocking confession
Ranbir Kapoor with Alia Bhatt at Sonam Kapoor’s reception

In the same interview, Ranbir Kapoor even talked about his love relationship. He said it’s too early to comment anything on it. He adds that the relationship is really new right now. It needs its space and it’s time to breathe. He doesn’t want to over speak on it. Talking about Alia he says she’s flowing. It is something that he aspires for himself – her work, her act, and even her personal life. But says that the relationship is very new and requests to let it cook before he can comment on it.

Sanju will hit the screens on 29th June, 2018. The trailer has already left us boggled. 29th June can’t you come sooner.

Stay tuned here for any updates on Sanju. Meanwhile share in the comments below how did you feel on Ranbir Kapoor’s shcocking confession.

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