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Ranchi Diaries Movie Review : Diary Not worth reading!!

ranchi diaries

Pathetic acting, useless script & useless execution all these sums up “Ranchi Diaries”. Even little or no competition can’t save this not funny comedy. We are still not sure why was this movie made and why actor like Anupam Kher bet his money on this. His money is going for a toss for sure. As Ranchi Diaries has nothing to promise. Film Lead actors are good for only side roles if they get any. Yaarian Fame “Himansh Kohli” is the lead actor & Soundarya Sharma lead actress.

Star cast also includes Anupam Kher & Jimmy Shergil. No consistent effort & anything noteworthy has been done by anyone in this movie except for Jimmy Shergill. But he alone is not sufficient to steer this captain less ship.  Debutant director, Sattwik Mohanty is not able to convince with his work.


Ranchi Diaries is a story of 03 people – Pinku (Taaha Shah), Monu(Himansh Kohli) & Gudiya(Saundarya Sharma) all  three have different plans for life. Monu wants to get his dream job, Gudiya is an aspiring singer & Pinku is a food stall owner. All three plan to rob a bank in a city under the influence of a local politician Thakur Bhaiya. He is a man of high influence have good relations with Naxals as well.

The robbery plan fails when all three gets kidnapped by a Naxalite inside the bank. Jimmy Shergill as a cop is looking convincing.


This film is a wasted effort as there is nothing peculiar about this film. Everything in this one goes haywire starting from casting to dialogue delivery. A very annoying part of the film is the Bihari accent which is not going smooth with actors. They are not able to pull up dialogues, thanks to their accent.Although a few dialogues which make you laugh are there but they are way too lesser in number. One song “Thoda aur” is nice song, rest no good songs are there in the film. Jimmy Shergill is only one seems to be acting in the film. Rest everyone is like in some acting class where they have to practice dialogues not suitable on them and enact the role not suitable to them. I am giving this movie 1.5 star out of 5.It is better to avoid this film.

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