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Sanjay Dutt | A fascinating Life | Come Back

sanjay dutt

Sanjay Dutt – The big bad boy of Bollywood is all set for the release of her latest film “Bhoomi”

His life has been a roller coaster ride since time immemorial. One can say that he has seen it all from top to bottom.


He has been a rich spoiled brat since the beginning. He got involved in drugs at a very early stage but made huge efforts to leave drugs and get back to his normal life.

But one thing or the other kept him away from a peaceful life. Along with drugs it was his failed relation & his alleged involvement in keeping illicit weapons. All these things were going on when he had a huge blow when his first wife fell terminally ill. A life of twist and turn like no other, but the man kept on standing all the blows that came his way. He left his old ways but his ways kept on coming to haunt him. His father Sunil Dutt was a major source of support for him after loss of mother Nargis in childhood.

From getting involved in drugs  to getting linked in 93’s blast case to getting linked with top actress to facing tough times in marriage to  facing deaths of closed ones to facing jail time. He has seen a lot in his life. He still came strong every time. Due to his personal life, his professional life took hit from time to time.I must say he is one strong man to face so much twist, turns & turmoil in one life. We hope to see him lead a peaceful life from now on.

Life of Sanjay Dutt is so interesting & fascinating. His life can be converted into a hit movie. That dream is being worked on by Raju Hirani wherein Ranbir Kapoor is playing Sanjay Dutt’s part. It will be a must watch for sure.

Come Back

Coming back to his current movie, Bhoomi  is a film he is playing father of a daughter played by Aditi Rao Hydari. It is a revenge drama also featuring Sharad Kelkar & Sidhant Gupta. Movie is slated for release on 22nd September 2017. Let us hope the come back movie of Sanju Baba work wonders for him.

Watch Trailer of Bhoomi : Click here 

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