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Seems Ajay Devgn and Rani Mukerji share same thoughts!!



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A few days back during the promotions of Raid, Ajay Devgn stated that it takes a lot to stay relevant and connect with the audiences. He mentioned that bollywood is a demanding profession and one has to regularly build on himself to stay relevant in these rapidly changing times.

We all agree with him though the one who agrees most is none other than Rani Mukerji.  Rani who is going to be back on the cinema screens after four yeas with Hichki reiterated Ajay’s views. In an interview she mentioned that it is important to keep on evolving with and be relevant to viewers. She said that the audiences change every 10 years and so it is an actors duty to change and keep connected with the current flourishing emotions.


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She stated “As an actor, it is my duty to innovate. The day I stop doing that, I will lose my audience.”

Well that seems some connection drawn together. Earlier today Rani made Ajay confess his Hichki to which he responded that he was called an average looking guy to be an actor. For Bollywood fans.. you have changed the standards to be an Actor Ajay Devgn. you overcame your Hichki years back.


Raid has opened to awesome reviews and we wish Hichki all the best too.. 🙂 . CHEERS to both Rani and Ajay.

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