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Shocking: Young mother Emily Weinman body slammed by Police of NJ.

Emily Weinman

During an intense arrest by the New Jersey Police, Emily Weinman got punched repeatedly at the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey, the video of which has gone viral. With more than 2 million views to the video in just 1 day here are some crucial details about the incident.

Video filmed by a passer by Alexis Hewitt.

Alexis Hewitt a casual traveller who was sleeping in her towel woke up to this. Not very far from the place where the incident took place, Alexis filmed the incident and posted it on Twitter with a caption saying she was sleeping on the beach and she woke up to this. Here are the five crucial things you should know about Emily Weinman and the whole incident.

  1. Emily Weinman faces felony charges.

Following the infamous arrest the police officer took Emily Weinman to the Prosecutor’s Office on two grounds –

  • Aggravated assault on a Police officer
  • Aggravted assault by spitting of bodily fluids on a Police officer resisting arrest, misconduct and minor in possession of alcohol.

 2.  Emily not messing with the law for the first time.

It is not the first time that Emily Weinman is messing around with the law. In September 2016 she was charged with Burglary, criminal mischief, simple trespass and recklessly endangering someone else’s life. Just over a year, in November 2017 she pleaded guilty for recklessly endangering someone else’s life. She was sentenced 4 years probation and had to pay a little under $10000 for court costs.

 3.  Emily Weinman has posted her side of the story on Facebook which now stands deleted.

Shortly after the video on the recent incident of Emily messing around with the cops and getting hit by them went viral, Emily took to Facebook to share her side of the story. The long post included that she was there at the beach with her friend. It was Memorial Day weekend and 90 perent of the people on the beach had alcohol and so did she. Two cops approached her and asked her age and tested her of alcohol which was negative. The bottle in her hand was seal packed. She was hit brutally by the cop just because she didn’t give her name.

 4.  Wildwood Police’s side of the story about the incident.

Investigation is going out on the matter that has been blew off so widely on the social media  where a cop is brutally hitting a girl. The officers involved in the incident have been reassigned to administrative duty till the full length inquiry is being carried out on the incident.

 5.  Wildwood mayor claims Emily Weinman might have initiated the violence.

With the allegations that Emily Weinman assaulted the cops by spitting on them the Wildwood Mayor claims that she might have initiated the violence. He also claims that as he was not there he would not like to comment until detailed reports come up of the investigation being carried out.

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