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Sonam Kapoor Marriage update: No sleeping with phone post wedding.

No mobile phone bedside

With Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja wedding just round the corner, we try to keep you updated  with every small details that we recieve about them. And this is what rule Anand Ahuja has put on Sonam Kapoor, rather both of them after marriage – No mobile phone bedside. Read here for details.

Sonam Kapoor a social media addict.

We all know how addicted Sonam Kapoor is to her phone and to social media. Out of 24 hours a day she might be spending 18 hours on the social media either Twitter or Instagram giving the first hand updates. Even when her marriage is just round the corner she is seen uploading her pre wedding masti videos and sharing photos of gifts she is recieving for her wedding. Knowing about her addicting beau Anand Ahuja has put the following rule post marriage.

No mobile phone in the room at Night.

During her recent interaction on ‘Social Media Star’ a new show by Firstpost, she spoke about what rule Anand Ahuja has laid for both of them. She said that it’s a rule that at night they are supposed to put the phone to charging in the bathroom or any other room for that matter but no bedside mobiles post wedding. All thanks to her social media addiction. But infact its a nice rule which all married couple should follow.

Why Sonam didn’t make her relationship with Anand Public?

On the same show Sonam Kapoor even revealed why she didn’t reveal her relationship with Anand public until her wedding announcement. She said that social media is in her control and so she didn’t want to disrespect the person as if he didn’t exist in her life and on the other hand disrespect him by speaking too much about him allowing the people think otherwise. So she decided neither to hide it nor to talk about it.

We think this is how she’ll treat her relationship even after her wedding. Each on their own. But as long as there is love in the relationship which is setting the goals we don’t have any problem.

Guess the wedding gift from Sonam Kapoor to Anand Ahuja.

Sonam Kapoor had the wedding gift for Anand ready even before she met him. Actually it’s the gift for the MAN of her life. Yes, we got hold of an Interview with Simi Garewal back in 2012 where she had mentioned about her wedding gift for her future husband.

Sonam Kapoor loves poetry and during her school days she had written quite a few poems. There is one poem callled ‘Ambition’ which she had written when she was 16. She said that she has promised herself that the day she finds her man she’ll gift it to him. She added that the day she gets married the poem will be with that man and she’ll say him this is what she wants in life and hopefully together they can work towards it.

We hope Sonam Kapoor has not forgotten about it and the poem finds its way to Anand Ahuja. Stay tuned here for more updates on Sonam – Anand wedding. 2 Days to Go.

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