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Many of us would remember how Taapsee Pannu was trolled on twitter in September 2017. She shared her bikini clad pic from Judwaa 2. Numerous body and slut shaming comments were made but she came out as winner with her fantastic comebacks. She made us all proud.

When a troll called her ‘Gandi’

She replied “Gndi??? I knew I should’ve washed that sand off me. Next time I will take care. I ‘aaplog’ for that” (https://t.co/291ePztnlP)

This time Taapsee faced her troller directly through MTV Troll Police with Ranvijay. One Troller who repeatedly used abusive language against her was found by Troll Police and brought to her.

She warned us all in the beginning of the show “Me chup rehne walo me se nahi hu” and she did not remain quiet. She read out all those vulgar comments made on her twitter and instagram handle on the face of the Troller looking straight into his eyes.

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This was meted out to him with a clear warning “Shabana dekhi hai na meri…mene khud kiye they action” and she schooled him “ Sanskriti ke rakshak banke tumne bhartiya sanskriti pe chaar chaand laga diye”..

We all say the joke on us… now it is time to say the troll is on troller. Taapsee concluded it well with an advice to all of us and specifically to those who troll abusively… “Do not misuse power given to you by social media”


It was sad for all of us that she was so strong througout the show but broke into tears towards the end. She expressed how bad she and specially her family feels after reading those trolls.

She made a point for not only celebrities but for everyone… stand up against trolls and teach them a lesson they deserve.

Poor Chap…some guy named Ashish… learned the hard way..

CHEERS to Taapsee from all of us at FILMYWHISKY..

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