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Take a peek into Akshay Kumar’s beautiful memories from a recent family vacay.

Akshay Kumar's beautiful memories

Akshay Kumar is known to be a family man and we have been lucky over the past few years as the actor has been more active on social media and allows us to sneak peek into his extremely private life. We know Akshay is not much a party person but he is a doting dad and Akshay Kumar’s beautiful memories from his family vacay will truly mesmerise you. Have a look here.

The action here Akshay is a softie when it comes to his family.

Akshay Kumar is quite disciplined when it comes to his acting schedule and always makes sure that he reaches the shooting on time and complete his acting schedule on time. This peculiarity about him makes Akshay Kumar stand out from his peers. Due to his discipline, he well deserves and often takes out time for quick family outings and vacays. When the actor is not busy with his workout and acting schedule he can be seen spending quality time with his wifey and two beautiful kids Aarav and Nitara.

Akshay Kumar’s recent family vacation pics go viral on social media.

Akshay Kumar always takes a keen interest in his wife Twinkle Khanna’s writings and also is a doting father to his beautiful kids. Recently Akshay Kumar shared a collage of pics from his recent family vacay with the three most important people in his life – His daughter Nitara, his wife Twinkle and son Aarav. The pictures are so adorable that you will surely envy them and long to go on a vacation too. Akshay Kumar had captioned the picture that immediately went viral as another beautiful vacation comes to an end. He even added that he’s cherishing some beautiful moments from the past month until he goes on another one with his lifelines.

Akshay Kumar’s post can be correlated with our own.

Akshay Kumar’s post just reminds us of how important family vacations are and how they act as energy boosters. And he too is a human being like you and me and like any other person even he hates the family vacations coming to an end. But how will new memories get an opportunity to set in if the existing vacations do not come to an end? And mind you, Akshay Kumar, only one month is left for the release of your upcoming movie Gold. The industry needs your presence here more. So let’s get back to some serious promotions before you head for another vacation and share some beautiful moments with us.

Did you feel jealous of Akshay Kumar seeing his beautiful family pics? Share your views in the comments below.

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