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The Most Expensive Divorces of Bollywood!!

most expensive divorces

We read a lot about the grand and most expensive marriages and parties.A large amount of money is thrown to end these marriages also.Here’s a list of most expensive divorces of Bollywood :

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan

The most well know separation of B-town is also the most expensive one. Sussanne is said to have claimed a whopping Rs. 400 crores from Hritik as alimony. The reports even claim that Hritik has agreed to pay Rs. 380 crores to her towards settlement. So guys that’s one big reason to think twice… no thrice before you choose to marry.HRITHIK & SUSSANNE

Arbaaz and Malaika

Though the reason of this lovable couple parting ways is not known to many, what we know is Malaika has asked for alimony of 10-15 crores from Arbaaz. She also mentioned that she is not going to settle for anything less than 10 crores. Now that’s some money.

arbaaz & malaikaKarishma and Sanjay

After repeated break ups and patch ups spanning over quiet a long time, the couple finally called it off officially in june 2016. Things even got dirty when Sanjay claimed that Karishma married him for money. The alimony amount here is big too. Karishma got the house owned by Sanjay in Khar, along with bonds worth over 14 crores which earn a monthly interest of 10 lacs. Sanjay also has to bear other expenses of the kids.karishma & sanjay

Farhan and Adhuna

After being married for 15 years, the couple called it quits amicably. According to sources,this is the most polite divorce ever witnessed in Bollywood. But yes,Adhuna got the couple’s home Vipasana along with one time settlement of undisclosed amount which we speculate to be a good one.farhan & Adhuna

Kalki and Anurag Kashyap

Though the marriage lasted only for two years, the couple officially filed for divorce in 2015. We are unaware of the exact settlement amount but sources say Kalki gave a huge discount to Anurag in this after failure of his big project Bombay Velvet. Tough luck there!!kalki & anurag

Although this couple is not from Bollywood,but it broke our heart. When in September 2016,our beloved Brangelina (synonym for love) filed for divorce. No alimony was demanded by any of the parties here but this still requires a mention.The power couple was close to our heart after all.

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