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Toilet- Ek Prem Katha: Review

toilet ek prem katha

Toilet – Ek Prem Katha is a movie starring Akshay Kumar & Bhumi Pednekar. The editor turned director Shree Narayan Singh has done a good job.  It is a good satire and arise the problem of open defecation.


Film is a about of a boy named Keshav(Akshay), who runs a cycle shop. He is from a Brahmin family and is not getting married even after reaching 36. After so many hardships & efforts, he falls in love & gets married to Jaya(Bhumi). The first half of the film talks about his efforts to get married & his marriage. Along with the main lead, supporting cast has played a good role in making the film entertaining in first half. Sudhir Pandey & Divyendu Sharma has played role of Keshav’s father & brother respectively. Both of them have done a good job. Sudhir Pandey is looking convincing as an irritating father who is running behind traditions & society. Anupam Kher has played a very small role in the movie. Film has so many one liners & few scenes which makes it very funny at times.

toilet ek prem katha

The film takes on the problem of open defecation through a love story. Keshwav life takes a U turn when his newly wed wife leaves his house due to absence of toilet.Jaya who has been a topper in education refuses to go out in open. She refuses to join the “Lauta Party”. The problem of society suddenly becomes his problem. With this starts, the real struggle of getting a toilet in his village. In order to get back his wife, Keshav tries everything & leaves no stone unturned.. He fights the age old principles of society to get the Toilet to his door step.


The cause & love story are in perfect sync, making the title & movie apt. Bhumi Pednekar has done a good job as a rebellious wife fighting for the good of self and society. Akshay on the other hand has done well playing role of a desperate man and a responsible man fighting for a cause.  The comic timing & dialogues are hilarious.

This movie will also give a boost to the cleanliness program of Government “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan”.  Music of the film is average with 1-2 good songs. The story writer has done a good job.

Overall it is a nice movie, it successfully captures struggle of a man to bring a change. I am giving this movie 3 star out of 5.


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