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Tubelight: Movie Review



Starring: Salman Khan, Om Puri, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, Sohail Khan, Matin Ray Tangu & Zhu Zhu
Director: Kabir Khan

Tubelight is a story of emotional journey of a man with special abilities. It is setup in the backdrop of 1962 Indo China war. It is based on movie “Little Boy”. The movie is about two brothers, Lakshman (Salman) & Bharat (Sohail). Lakshman is a man of special abilities whose world revolves around his brother Bharat. He is the only one who takes care of Lakshman in otherwise mean world. The emotional bond between the brothers is beautifully portrayed. Lakshman’s life changes when Bharat has to leave after joining army.

The movie teaches you to keep your faith alive whatever happens. Om Puri’s last performance is impressive. Banne Chacha teaches Lakshman about the principles of Gandhi and guides him to have to faith. Narayan (Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub) has played a bully who makes Lakshman’s life hell. He is the one who nicknamed Lakshman as tubelight. He is a nice actor but his role is very limited.

Liling(Chinese actor Zhu zhu) & Ghuo(Matin) have played role of Indo Chinese immigrants. Ghuo makes the perfect partner of Lakshman’s innocence & brings some entertainment. Lakshman & Ghuo have a wonderful chemistry. Zhu Zhu looks amazingly beautiful.

The songs are in perfect sync of the movie and very soulful. You will not see a usual Salman in movie. His child like innocence is something fresh. His sincere efforts make you believe in power of faith. The emotions of a brother are captured well but not much effort is put to showcase the emotions behind a war.Just a little effort on the script would have made it a blockbuster.

Cameo from Shahrukh Khan as a magician (Gogo Pasha) is magical in itself. Sohail Khan looks sincere & subtle. Kabir Khan has directed the movie well as always. Best part of his movies is amalgamation of action, emotion & drama.


With a lot of good things & few not so good things the movie is an above average watch.
If you are a fan of Salman and want to see him in a different role, you can go for it.
You can also watch it for brilliant songs & Shahrukh’s Cameo.
I am giving this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

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