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Tumhari Sulu Movie review : An Almost Good Film

tumhari sulu

A Story of aspirations of a housewife who dreams of doing something in life. Tumhari Sulu will definitely inspire a major chunk to follow their dreams.


Tumhari Sulu is a story of a housewife who is not educated enough to do a good job. But her aspirations motivates her to try everything she sets her eye on. Scouting on various opportunities she comes across an opportunity to become an RJ. Then starts a new life of “Tumhari Sulu”. She takes on an assignment of a raunchy RJ who talks at a midnight show. A blooming career brings along other challenges. This movie is a take on hidden aspirations of housewives who spend their lives for their kids & husband.

Apart from Vidya Balan who has played Sulu, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia & RJ Malishka are also featuring in this movie. Manav Kaul has played Sulu’s Husband and Neha Dhupia has played Maria who gives Sulu her first break as an RJ. Manav Kaul has essayed his role beautifully as a Husband who at times is very loving and sometimes very angry. Neha Dhupia has a very small but effective role. RJ Malishka has a very little role in the film. Film has a small cameo by Ayushmann Khurrana as well.


Tumhari Sulu is definitely an inspirational movie. But it has few loopholes also apart from many good things. Talking about the good things, Vidya Balan is looking exactly her role. She has played a housewife but with an aspiration which is wonderful. A few light moments are there and song “Banja tu meri Rani” which is very popular these days. Talking about bad things, the film is very lengthy & gets boring at certain points. In a smooth movie, an all of a sudden punch of emotion disturbs the flow. A smaller length would have made it a better movie. It can be a one time watch. I am giving it 2.5 stars out of 5.

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