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Uncensored Movies – Need of the Hour



It does not matter how great movies Bollywood make. The uncensored content and the imagination of director face many hurdles to reach the audience. The audience never gets the original idea. Many times, they just impose what they want us to see. Sometimes they get so cruel with the films that they cut many scenes from movie that it changes the meaning of a good movie. This kind of censorship will not let the audience grow. With time the content of a movie should grow and become more realistic. So that audience can learn from it. But in India, censorship works under pressure of political parties. In certain cases, they just ban movies because they don’t want that issue that come to public notice.

Censored or Banned Movies

Udta Punjab dealt with problem of drug abuse in Punjab and it faced the wrath of Censor Board. Even after cutting many scenes,the censor copy of the film was leaked.Bandit Queen, based on life of Phoolan Devi was banned because of its vulgar content, language & nudity. It is really difficult to understand, how to tell a real life story by removing reality from it. The tragedy & trauma which made Phoolan Devi a dacoit was an important part of her life & story. Her pain was necessary part of her story, removing that would have made a soul less movie. It should have remained uncensored.Similarly, Black Friday was not released on time, as it was made on true story of Bombay bomb blasts.


Censorship – A responsibility

It is a social responsibility, duty & moral obligation of people in censor board, to make the good content available to audience. If they will keep on cutting scenes like this, level of cinema will not grow. The world cinema would not have grown, if bound by this kind of censorship. The movies which are appreciated the world over are cut down by Indian censor board.
In past also, many of the movies were shamelessly censored. Many times the reason for editing or banning is not valid enough. The moody censor board sometimes delete particular scene from a movie and allow it in other. There are no fixed protocols they work on. It is like they work as per the convenience of political parties.

This is the high time censor board to become mature. The mature audience need mature content and it is their right to get it. Some of the facts and aspects which were forbidden in past should come in light. When the audience evolves, the content too needs to get evolved. If making good cinema is duty of Bollywood and passing good cinema is duty of censor board.


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