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As the name goes, Vodka Diaries seems to be written after a few shots of vodka. What initially appears to be simple murder mystery turns to a nerve wrenching thriller but not for long. Vodka Diaries loses its charm and becomes predictable after a few necks and turns.


The movie is based on a series of murders within a night in a club named Vodka Diaries in the beautiful location of Manali. As expected, Ashwini (Kay Kay Menon), who plays an SP of Himachal Police is upbraided to solve the murder mystery. Ashwini is supported by one of his assistant Ankit played by Sharib Ali Hashmi. He is the one who mellows down the otherwise very intense plot.

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Ashwini’s idiosyncrasies prevail to complex the story which progresses to his direct involvement in the case after her beloved wife Mandira Bedi (Shikha) disappears. Mandira is always a treat to watch. Raima Sen is another on tour actor in the movie though her role is as good as a cameo. Distressed Ashwini takes main hold from here on, and he covers every frame of the screen time. The labyrinth profuses  and Ashwini gets entangled into his own phantasms.  Either the bodies become alive or they were never killed or it is all a hallucination. The audiences are left flummoxed for a short time.

These multiple ploys fail to bind the audiences and it becomes too predictable. What entails is a slightly disappointed crowd coming out of theatres. I would still give full credit to debutant director Kushal Shrivastava to give a great headstart to the movie. The movie is a good watch barring a typical end to murder mystery thriller.
I give Vodka Diaries 2.5 to 5 stars (0.5 of which purely to Kay Kay Menon’s credit).

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