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What Irrfan Khan wrote is heartbreaking to read!! :(


A few days earlier Irrfan broke a news to all of us about a rare disease he is suffering from. The news shattered hearts of many fans but until recently details of his illness were not revealed.

Here is the new statement by Irrfan Khan on his health. He says, he is diagnosed with Neuro-Endocrine Tumour and is soon going out of India for the treatment.

We all at filmywhisky and from all his fans wish him a speedy recovery.

IMG SRC: www.dna.com

Irfaan is headed to London to undergo a treatment and according to director of his upcoming movie Blackmail, Abhinay Deo he is in good fighting spirits. He mentioned that Irrfan is very optimistic about the treatment. We hope that all goes well.”



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Stay tuned!!

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