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Where is Melania Trump? Read the absurd conspiracy theories.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump hasn’t been seen in public for 16 days after she underwent the Benign Kidney Surgery on 14th May 2018 and the people are concerned. It is also building up lot of conspiracy theories which are spreading like fire now.

About her last public appearances.

Melania Trump recently launched her ‘Be Best’ campaign on 7th May. The main focus of the campaign is to address the societal issues young children are facing today. Later on 10th May she was seen with her husband President Donald Trump welcoming 3 Americans who had been detained in North Korea. She has not made a public appearance since then. The last time she was spotted at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where she got admitted on 14th May 2018 for her Benign Kidney Tumour surgery. No one has seen her since then and it is raising alarm as well as leading to absurd conspiracy theories about the ‘real’ whereabouts of the First Lady.

Cue conspiracies building up around Melania Trump’s absence.

People are getting concerned for Melania Trump after she disappeared from public eyes. On the other hand lot of questions are building up. Has Melania Trump left the White House and moved to Trump Tower in New York? Is she spending time with the Obamas after she united with them at the Barbara Bush’s funeral. Or may be she underwent plastic surgery in the name of Kidney surgery and currently recovering from the scars. The conspiracies can be endless.

Melania Trump’s spokesperson’s statement.

The First Lady’s spokesperson kept mum when asked when the people would get to see Melania Trump again. Previously she has mentioned that Melania Trump is taking some ‘Me Time’ post surgery. [Read: Melania Trump wishes Donald Trump’s Presidency to get over.] She added that they are having some internal meeting with her and working on her long term plans. They are used to handling silly conspiracies and thus there is nothing new. According to her 16 days cannot be considered a long absence taking into consideration that she has undergone a surgery and was hospitalised for 5 days.

Donald Trump’s reply on Melania’s whereabouts.

When the media questioned President Trump about Melania Trump’ health he just pointed to a Window saying she’s right there. She’s doing great and watching them from there. It was weird as there was no one at the window. The Trump’s are hiding something for sure.

We just hope Melania is recovering well after her surgery and we’ll soon get to see her.

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