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Who is the Best Khan of Bollywood?

best khan of bollywood

We all know that Bollywood has been ruled by the three khans (Shah rukh, Salman and Aamir) for over 2 decades now. We all have had fights with our siblings because of them. Draw a comparison among the three is a tough job. So we have decided to look at it analytically. Various factors play a role here from collection at box office to acting skills to personal virtues. Lets have a look at the comparisons:

Acting Skills

SRK :Acting and SRK go hand in hand. No doubt SRK is best when it comes to portraying a character. He adds realism and makes his characters believable.

Aamir  : He is blessed with the skill to act . The subject & social relatable movies, makes everyone feel like part of it.

Salman : Salman ranks third on this criterion for us with most of his characters based on popular fiction, though we all laugh and cry with him too.

Box office collection

If box office collection is the only criterion, Salman beats Shahrukh and Aamir easily. He is the most bankable actor for assured returns. With his fan following “Bas bhai ka naam hi kaafi hai”. Barring tubelight, his movies of recent past Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan anf Kick have repeatedly broken the existing box office records. SRK (Jab harry met Sejal, Fan, Dilwale ) and Aamir (PK and Dhoom 3) though stand close to him on their collection amounts, Salman emerges the true king here.


Salman as we all know has been brought up in a family with close links to Bollywood (just remember Salim khan And Sholay). Aamir is also technically launched as child actor in “Yaadon ki Baarat”. He has been with Bollywood personalities since childhood. So here the points go to SRK, a self made man with no background of Bollywood. He rose to the stature of Khan of Bollywood aka King Khan aka Baadshah Khan all by himself.



Public image

Public relations and image matters a lot for success in Bollywood. Well, we all consider actors as part of our families. We laugh and cry with them sitting in our living rooms. Salman who was once touted as the bad boy of film industry is now considered to be the man with a golden heart. His venture of “Being Human” amongst others is widely popular. We will leave his CLOSED cases alone. Aamir, an inspiration to all has his own PR technique of relating most of his movies to social causes or stigmas. He is the socially responsible actor (remember his remark on intolerance). SRK has his own unique PR strategy of being the witty one. His awesome sense of humor and timing is always on his side, a lot of people loves him. He has indeed maximized his celebrity status with his wit.

Net worth

Well, it comes down to the cash in the bank that one holds. Success is best evaluated by money.Here SRK beats both Salman and Aamir hands down. He is amongst the 10 richest actors along with Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. His net worth amounts to $600 million which is more than Salman ($210 million) and Aamir ($180 million) combined. Yet again, king Khan emerges the winner.


So, considering these points, calculations and mathematics & of course the Hard Work.

We have our winner.

Yes! You have guessed it right.

The best khan of Bollywood is undoubtedly SHAH RUKH KHAN.

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