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Why you should not watch Munna Michael?

munna michael

Munna Michael

Starring: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tiger Shroff & Nidhhi Agerwal

Directed by: Sabbir Khan


Munna Michael, one more of its kind film, wherein Tiger Shroff fights & dances. I failed to figure out what different it had. This is a movie about a boy who is a fan of Michael Jackson since his childhood. Although except for the name there is nothing about Michael Jackson in the film. Munna makes his living by challenging people in night clubs for dance & eventually got banned by Mumbai. He came to Delhi where he meets “Mahindar Fauji”  who is goon from Gurgaon .He is obsessed with Dolly(Nidhhi Agerwal), a dancer who has a dream to win a dance competition.

Munna & Mahindar become friends while munna teaches him to dance to impress dolly.And rest you can guess. But you don’t need to watch the movie to guess that. You could have guessed it even after watching the trailer.Next to zero storyline,nothing surprising & nothing new is the USP of the movie. Its like Sabbir Khan has launched MNREGA scheme for Tiger yet again.

munna michael

Every coin has a flip side, you can see Tiger doing same thing in every movie.But you can also see Nawazzuddin doing different thing in every movie. He is no doubt the best character in the movie. He plays it with conviction looks like an obsessed goon who can do anything for friendship.Only silver lining is Nawaz.The lead girl seems OK,there is not any great deal about her. Its hard to tell why she was casted opposite Tiger. Probably other actresses might have said no.

I just fail to understand one thing,why do filmmakers can’t keep it real. Its not necessary to keep story away from reality. One such scenario is, in a finale of a dance show,instead of the contestant somebody else is dancing and the contestant who is dancing so-so, gets to win the competition. When will they raise their bars, will always be question until they do it.


Overall it’s a below average watch.

Music is fine and songs are OK. “Pyar Ho” stands out of all the songs.

I won’t recommend it to you.

Even if you want to go, just go for Nawazuddin’s role.

I am giving this movie 2 stars out of 5.

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